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ultrasonic testing

A form of non-destructive testing in which high frequency sound waves  are used to find defects  in steel, steel alloys and composite materials. Commonly used in the construction industry to maintain the integrity of piping, tanks and refineries.

magnetic particle testing

A non-destructive testing process for detecting surface and near-surface discontinuities in materials such as iron and other ferromagnetic alloys. Also known as Magnafluxing.

Certified welding inspection (Cwi)

Highly skilled inspection included in non-destructive testing and construction.  Ensuring that welding processes are performed accurately with the correct equipment and standards of safety.  Concluding with proper assessments, testing and repairs.

phased array ultrasonic testing

An advanced method of ultrasonic testing that has applications in industrial non-destructive testing. Commonly used for weld inspection, corrosion inspection, flaw detection and thickness measurements. 

liquid penetrant testing

A frequently used inspection method utilized to locate surface-breaking defects such as hairline cracks, leaks in new/existing products, fatigue cracks and surface porosity.

Guided Wave Technology

Guided Wave Technology can be used to inspect a wide variety of structures and components in the oil and gas industry. Using this method, ultrasonic wavelengths identify internal and external features of piping which can then be used to check for abnormalities that might indicate a threat, such as corrosion or stress fractures. The ultrasonic waves can travel for several hundred feet in any direction and go through soil or other physical barriers.


Cutting edge portable 3D measurement and analysis technology that increases productivity.  Used for detection and characterization of pipe defect, whether internal or external, including corrosion, dents, and other inaccuracies.


High-performance corrosion mapping.  Excellent near-surface resolution and eliminated wedge reflection make it the perfect inspection technology for anomaly verification.

Project Management/Project Inspection

Our highly tailored approach to project reporting and management changes the game in terms of project deliverable.  The SCC Project Management program gives clients sortable data for the entirety of the project.

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We believe that Investing in our employees is the best way to achieve excellence. Our inspectors are trained by the Nations’ Foremost Authority on Ultrasonics and Phased Array inspection

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Our inspectors are all Certified ASNT Certified, competent and Certified Confident.

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